Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Weather or not

By this point, Erika and I should plan for "bad" weather wherever and whenever we go. From snow on our engagement day, at the end of May, to rain on our engagement photo shoot, and our wedding day, and now this ridiculous wind when we're trying to see the cliffs on our Honeymoon. No boats sailing today, so we drove to the visitors center at the top. Somehow, wind that is bracing and forceful at sea level, when it hits a rock wall, and is forced to climb, becomes a screaming tempest of freezing hatred. I love cold weather, but could not go without my jacket for more than a minute or five... and even with the jacket and hood, my face was numb but for the frozen pain in my jaw. Erika was doing worse.
And, as if that wasn't enough, the road to Kinsale (down south by Cork) was... Well, it was like we were driving through an Ireland snow globe. Not snow flakes, so much... More like fluffy little flavorless white dippin-dots. Kinsale is beautiful, as every place has been, and I'm a little sad we won't be staying after tonight.

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