Sunday, March 3, 2013

Thus begins the journey: we've said our vows, committed our lives, and so signed on for an adventure which will surely take us in directions we could not possibly predict. We know what we want to do, where we want to go... and who we want beside us along the way.

Our honeymoon begins tomorrow, as we fly from sunny San Diego, California, to notably less sunny Chicago, Illinois, before finally setting down in Dublin, Ireland. The forecast says the temperature will top out at 52 degrees, with the sun stopping by for perhaps a moment or two along the way. Maybe for most people this would sound like a slightly less than ideal honeymoon (it seems most people favor places like Hawaii, Fiji, Acapulco.... places where palm trees grow... But, considering it snowed on our engagement day (in May), and rained on our wedding day, it wouldn't be us without a little cloud cover. We're ready for it (we hope).

We are now "one flesh"... But still have two minds. So, what will follow is likely to be two accounts of the same adventures. Just like those adventures, we don't know how this blog will turn out... But we hope for the best.

~ Jacøb and Erika Smith

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  1. May the Irish Hills caress you
    May her lakes and rivers bless you
    May the luck of the Irish enfold you
    May the Blessings of St. Patrick behold you

    Safe Travels!
    Tee Tee