Tuesday, March 5, 2013

We embark on our journey.

Day 1:
We aren't in Dublin yet, and I have already realized items that I have forgotten. At SD Airport/on the plane to Chicgo, I realized I left my book, blanket, and snacks. At Chicago Airport/on our way to; postcards from San Diego (I wanted to leave them as thank you notes to each of our hosts at every B&B we plan to stay at), Shannon Nickel's boots (I completely forgot, and with the busy work week Jacøb had, he neglected to remind me. And, finally, Dramamine! I guess, a few weeks ago, it never made it back to my med bag :(. Thankfully, I bought Tums at the airport, which helped me enough with keeping me from throwing up on the plane. Little sleep, little nutritious food, and a rough/bumpy ride = a not so well Erika. At least I remembered the important things, my husband and my passport! We are eager to land in Dublin to start our travel adventures as husband and wife.

I'm pretty exhausted, but can no longer "sleep" on the plane. Jacøb is sleeping (he's so cute when he sleeps) next to me. Poor guy, he's worked 8+ hours for seven days straight, didn't bother to sleep at all the night before/night of when we left (last night).

I imagine there will be far more entries written by Jacøb. He's the writer, and the reader, out of the two of us. But I figure I might as well make an entry while I'm awake and processing thoughts.

~ Erika Smith

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