Thursday, March 7, 2013

Best Coast

Good evening, from Renvyle House Hotel. It is absolutely beautiful here!! Amazingly gorgeous! If we could afford another night, we would absolutely stay another. But weekend rates jump up starting tomorrow. It was a long journey to get here. Fortunately we traveled through beautiful country, passing sheep, horses and cows along the way. Also driving by/near century old castles, stone ruins, streams, beautiful hillside and through cute little towns. We made about two quick stops along the way to get out and stretch our legs and to capture the random castles/cemeteries right in the middle of town. I think it took us about 4 1/2 hours. Neither of us were really paying attention to the time, nor do we recall the exact time we left. We arrived around 6:00, after a detour or two, checked in, and we were offered tea and scones which we enjoyed by the peat burning brick fireplace. Jacob wants to smuggle some peat back home. I'm not sure how he will do that. We ordered a light fare dinner of west coast seafood chowder, toasted ham and cheddar cheese sandwich on brown bread and and a plate of smoked salmon with capers, lemon, a side of greens with honey mustard dressing served with sliced brown bread( I'll let you guess which one of us had the salmon) the salmon was beautifully plated in the shape of a rose and was just as delicious as it looked. The chowder was scrumptious. Thick and hearty with lots of pieces of seafood and a little bit of corn. We are both still enjoying the fire, accompanied by a bulmers cider for me and a Guiness for Jacob. We are so in love with the country/west coast. Dublin was nice, but this is just lovely. We passed Kylemore Abbey along our way and our plan is to go there tomorrow or the next day. Renvyle house has so much to offer (golf, boating, fly fishing, croquet, tennis, rose garden, etc) all complimentary. And since we got in much later than expected, we plan to take full advantage of the gorgeous grounds and amenities tomorrow. It's now 9:45pm and I want to shower and get to bed, I don't want to sleep away the day. This morning seemed to be much more difficult for me to get up. I blame Fred, he didn't wake us this morning. My guess is that he was preoccupied with the French couple who arrived that night, they were already awake. No need to come find us. - Erika Smith

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  1. Glad you two got out of the city and are able to experience the romanticized version of Ireland rather than just the tourist trap. Jet lag catches you by surprise on the 3rd or 4th day. Just keep forcing yourself to get up and drink lots of water! Enjoy!